Client Testimonials

These are just some of the rave reviews we've received in Southern California.

"I wanted to thank Vaughn so much for making our wedding the BEST. I knew he would do a wonderful job when I first met him. I was in good hands. Vaughn was fun, interacted with the guest, played great music, and was very professional. Vaughn even on his own time came to the house to do a walk through with our parents.It was so nice of him and made our parents feel so much better because it was a backyard wedding."

Alison and Marcus

"Vaughn was great and everyone said they had a really fun time!"

Jessica and Tom

"Vaughn did an amazing job!

My guests commented on what a good time they had due the music and how professional Vaughn was.

Music is a big part of the reception and I couldnt have asked for a better DJ!

He kept the evening running smoothly and my friends and family entertained.

Thank you so much again!!!

Emily and Paxton

"He was great, everyone at the wedding is still commenting about how good of a DJ he was."

Nicole And Anthony

"Thank you so much DJ Vaughn for making our wedding wonderful! We had so much fun dancing and listening to the music! You did and great job and Mike and I definately feel we made an excellent choice choosing you as the DJ for our wedding! Thanks again for everything, you really helped make our day memorable!

Mike and Katie Guayante

Katie and Michael

"We had Vaughn has our Dj & he was great. We have friends that are getting married in the next year or so & they loved him : he was very good!!"

Ashleigh and Sean

"Dj Vaughn was wonderful!

We had such a fun time and he was so helpful and accomodating!

Thank you so much!

Jaclyn and Eric

"Our DJ, Vaughn was very energetic and had wonderful ideas for bouquet toss & how to have the centerpieces awarded. All our guest were very pleased as well."

Belinda Steve

"Vaughn was very flexible, accommodating and handled everything in a very professional, fun manner.

Thanks Vaughn you were a critical part of our successful wedding and reception!!

Wendi and Jason

"Thank you for listening to my friends requests they all had a great time thanks to you!!!"

Michelle and Steve

"Everyone loved him!!! Awesome DJ!!!"

Wendy and Lorenzo

"Vaughn was very friendly, easy to work with and enthusiastic.

thank you for a great time!

Heather and Dave

"Kept everyone on the dancing floor, and everyone was having so much fun that we had to end it by 11pm.

Other weddings at the same facility were jealous with our DJ.

Vaughn is the BEST!

Ria and Handi

"Vaughn by far exceeded any and all expectations. I would refer him to anyone looking for a dj and would gladly hire him again. We appreciate all that he did to make our day special. Thank you again"

Rachel and Ryan

"Vaughn Burks did an excellent job.

He played the requested songs and kept my guests entertained.

I couldnt have asked for a better DJ.

Jessica and Eric

"Vaughn was absolutely AMAZING!! People are still talking about how awesome our DJ was at the wedding and how hands-down we had the best wedding they had ever been to a week later. He is definitely one of a kind and were esctatic we were able to have him at the wedding!"

Keera & Matthew

"Vaughn was great, he kept the dance floor full the whole night."

Cheryl and Randy

"Vaughn Burks was awesome! He was instrumental in making our reception one of the most memorable events of our lives. Thank you Vaughn!!"

Yolanda and Jerry

"Vaughn completely delivered during my wedding day.

I was nervous, but he made everything flow smoothly and the people kept dancing until the end.

Vaughn played a huge part in making my wedding a complete success.

He is a great asset.

Luisa and Milo

"We loved Vaughn! We got SO many complements about him. My friend even got his business card for her wedding and she's not even engaged yet! We went to a show earlier that year and saw him perform and talk about his personality and he was exactly as advertised. Very interactive, great personality, great music, and flexible. Everything was perfect. Thank you so much for a memorable and fun night."

Jill and Ryan

"Vaughn did such an excellent job accommodating our requests.

We had a number of people comment on how the DJ really made the reception.

We loved his attitude and style, thanks Vaughn!

Paige and Scott

"We were drunk most of the time, so what i can remember, he was excellent"

Kimberlee and Leon

"Vaughn was an amazing D.J. He performed way above our expectation!!"

Randi and Daryl

"Vaughn was wonderful and so much fun! Thank you for making our wedding such a memorable experience for our guests!"

Kristi and Justin

"Our DJ was great and always played the songs we requested.

Will tell lots of people about you all.

Christine and Matthew

"Vaughn did a very good job. He did great working around our Hawaiian entertainment/band. He played a good selection of dance music. I wish we had longer with him."

Sandy and Jim

"Vaughn was great and everyone really enjoyed the music. The dance floor was never empty! I will definately use him again!"

Mona and Arturo

"Vaughn was great! Everyone was dancing all night long thanks to him!!! Thank you!"

Heather and David

"Vaughn had great energy. It was nice to see happy professional faces."

Sonja and Russell

"He was awesome and I had to give out numbers to my family who want to use him in the future"

Constance and Jon

"Vaughn was was great! I had very little communication with him before the wedding but he is such a professional he handled my reception from begining to end with no guidance from us!

Thanks Vaughn!

Ingrid and Danny

"The DJ was really good, an excellent DJ."

Isabel and Abraham

"Vaughn was an excellent DJ.

He provided just the right amount of fast and slow songs.

He really paid attention to the types of songs that the guests were dancing to and kept those types of songs coming.

We were extremely happy with his professionalism and would recommend him to anyone!

Shawn and Hoa

"Vaughn Burks was the best! He made our day even happier! He kept everyone dancing all night. We had the longest conga line ever! He even taught everyone how to dance certain songs. He was absolutely amazing! The next time we have an event, we're definitely choosing Vaughn!"

Karen and Luke

"My husband and I enjoyed our Dj s professionalism and upbeat attitude. It was a great reception and I would recommend him to others."

Camille and Harold

"Vaughn did an incredible job!! Our guests danced continuously because his music selection was awesome. Everyone had a great time and they all thought it was the best reception they have ever been to. Von s enthusiasm was contagious. We loved all of it."

Lisa and Kyle

"I could not have been more pleased with Vaughn Burks. All of my friends had been having terrible times with their djs and I was so worried that I would soon have a horror story as well. If only I had known that I had nothing to worry about. Thank you so much!"

Andrea and Geoff

"Vaughn was very easy to work with and extremely professional. I will recommend him!!"

Shonni and Rashaud

"Vaughn did a wonderful job meeting our needs and keeping our guests entertained. I have gotten so many compliments from what a wonderful job Vaughn did at our wedding. I would recommend him in a heart beat."

Sammi and Keith

"We received numerous comments on the wonderful selection of music. Everyone loved the DJ and even the event staff said it was one of the best weddings they had seen. We were very pleased and would definitely recommend. Thank you so much!"

Elizabeth and Joe

"Vaughn was our dj and did an exceptionally wonderful job. Our guests were very pleased as were we. The night was very memorable. Vaughn, thank you so much for being our dj- your personality fit in very well with all our guests you are the best!"

Michele and Anthony

"DJ Vaughn was great. He kept the party going through the whole night. Even the next day we had so many people call and ask how they can hire him. Vaughn, Thanks for such a great time. You definitely made the wedding memorable."

Shawn and Andrew

"Vaughn was very responsive to our inquiries and questions prior to the wedding. He was also very accomodating to requests during the reception. And, he read the crowd well. What more can I say -- he was great!"

Jim and Brenda

"Vaughn was an excellent DJ -- he got the crowd going and was simply the BEST!!! I will definetly recomend him to all of my friends. Thanks so much!!"

Debbie and Aaron

"Vaughn was great! He really kept everyone dancing and having a great time! I would recommend him to anyone! He really made my wedding reception a special one!"

Allison and Clint

"Vaughn Burks is awesome. He's got a great personality. I have heard from several people who attended our wedding say nothing but good things about him. A couple of them are considering him for their wedding reception. Great job Vaughn!!!"

Luzianne and Jon

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